Silent Skies

Today isn’t much different than any other day of the year; I wonder how long it will be, if ever, before September 11th is properly memorialized. There are many good ruminations on this solemn anniversary; I won’t be adding much to them.

This war has been going on, in one way or another, since before the United States ever existed. “Secular” tyrannies in the Middle East come and go – but Islam as the motivating force and justification of evil remains. The “religion of peace” desires not the prosperous peace of the civilized; but rather the peace of the slave, broken to humiliation, and the peace of the graves of the martyrs who refused to convert to the worship of Allah. No, not even that: don’t the Muslims themselves go to war against their brothers, Shia against Sunni? So much for “peace.”

Remember 9/11, the towers and the Pentagon. Remember the heroes of Flight 93; remember Benghazi and the bloody fingerprints on the wall. And remember how they celebrated in their streets as our people died.


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