Promises Mean Everything

My internet commenting time has been going towards Dalrock’s blog – that comment thread is over 800 now – but the new post and initial responses reminded me of a song I heard on the radio a while back. (I was doing a sort of blog series about those, wasn’t I? I didn’t tag them well, that’s for sure. Oughta fix that.)

Promises mean everything when you’re little, and the world is so big… please don’t tell me everything is wonderful now!

I’m not a child of divorced parents, and even so this song still gives me a case of The Feels.

As far as the behavior of the world goes – well, secular marriage is nothing more than an affirmation of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, so I have no beef against a childless pagan couple who wants to have their LJBF divorce. It’s far healthier than an I-Hate-You-Forever divorce.

But when children are involved? I don’t care if you vowed to stay together “as long as love shall last.” You get your s#!t together and keep that household running smoothly, or you’re both a pair of selfish bitches.


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