Security Theater

You didn’t think the TSA was actually doing anything productive, did you? I can assure everyone, though, that those bodyscanners are absolutely on top of sparkly metallic thread such as that found in fancy women’s shirts. No silver thread will go unpatted by the brave agents of the TSA!

Those X-ray machines were totally graft, btw. I don’t have the source off the top of my head, but I recall reading that the head of the company that makes them is all buddy-buddy with the pertinent people in high places. Or perhaps we should use the old term – “patronage.” We really ought to go back to the spoils system, rather than having career “civil servants” – just think if everyone in government bureaucracy got fired every eight years! The politicians would be tied up forever appointing their friends as replacements, who would (hopefully) have no idea how anything worked due to wipeout of institutional memory, and the gears of endless bureaucracy would grind to a halt. It would be glorious!


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