ROFLMAO – Snape says, It Gets Better

Enjoy it for the hilarity – sometimes the “it gets better” part happens after you die! Just like Vincent Van Gogh! (That episode of Dr. Who seriously made me cry.)

However, as an Odd myself – an INTJ female, which makes me a freak of nature – I’m simply glad that the “never fitting in” part doesn’t hold a huge emotional sword of Damocles over me. If you find yourself wanting to engage in drama queen antics over the fact that you’re different and don’t fit in, your problem is not that you’re a freak (like me and a bunch of other people, for that matter) but that you’re a LOSER. Growing up means learning to cope with society. If the society you find yourself in is truly terrible, like you’re gay in Saudi Arabia and live every day under the threat of execution if you’re found out, then yeah, I have sympathy for your plight. If you’re living in any part of the First World, though, shut your damn mouth, cease your woe-is-me whining, and move to a different neighborhood. Seriously. You live in horrible-no-good-redneck-intolerantsville and it’s getting you down? Get out already. Grow a thick skin. Nobody is required to like you, except possibly your mother.

Or seek help. Real help, not the kind of self-actualizing pseudo-therapy “you’re perfect just the way you are” kind of “help” that will just lock you into whatever spiral of maladjustment or mental illness you already suffer – the kind of help that will explain to you how normal people think, how normal people live, and how normal, well-adjusted adults cope with the fact that not everyone likes them and life is full of setbacks and frustrations. You have no friends? You know what your problem is, then? Not other people. YOU. Humans are social critters. If you find yourself on the outside of every single group you try to join in your search to fit in and find friendship and validation, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Fix yourself, rather than saying “boo hoo people are mean!” Otherwise you will end up like this. And that would be bad.

This is what gets me about the delicate special snowflakes – they’re consistently demanding that society change itself to make them feel better about themselves. Look, it’s not society’s job to actualize your emotional well-being: that’s your job. It’s never been better to be an Odd than in the modern First World with the internet to connect people, so complaining that you feel isolated for being different is just plain dumb. Of course, on the other hand, there’s the actual mentally ill special snowflakes. I wish this went without saying, but unfortunately it needs to be said: attempting to alter reality to fit the delusions of those who are by definition divorced from responding to reality appropriately is BATSHIT INSANE! Do not ENABLE the crazy! That’s evil!

I like this video, not just for the hilarious faces, but for the acknowledgement that sometimes life just sucks. I mean, here’s a fictitious example, but let’s be honest: you could do a lot worse than choosing to be a Severus Snape, who had an extremely bad childhood, fell in with the wrong crowd, but never turned into a whiny attention-whoring brat. Instead of attempting to blame his mistakes on other people, he did his best (even if it wasn’t very good, and Dumbledore was an idiot to make him a teacher!) to make up for his failings.


There is, of course, an answer, and a way for it to get better right now: there is a place where you belong, no matter how broken you feel or how imperfect you are.

And that place is in Christ, with your Creator. For God so loved the world, including all the broken parts of it like me, that He sent His Son to provide a way back Home for us. You don’t have to do anything to deserve it, and you don’t have to make yourself perfect – He’ll do that. Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved. But in order to do this, you will have to admit that you’re not perfect the way you are, and that loving Him in return for the love He shows you is going to require a lot of difficult leveling up of your character stats.

This is His promise: though in this world you’ll suffer, at the end, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

You will find the place where you belong, you’ll have a real family there, even if you don’t have one now, and every part of you that is less than perfect will be made perfect; it WILL get better. Why wait alone when you don’t have to?


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  1. What people think about us tells us a great deal about them.

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