This is why I love reading Vox Popoli:

patrick kelly said: I mean people rarely pull Napoleon or Genghis Khan or other ancient mean and nasty tyrant facts out of their asses in debates…….compared to Hitler anyway…..just an observation….

Hunsdon said: That’s because Genghis Khan collects a royalty on the use of his name, and the royalty is paid in souls.


See, I would probably have tried to construct some kind of actual logical reasoning as to why nobody bothers with Napoleon or Genghis Khan, probably because they’re not relevant to the inevitable demise of democracies or republics, and they happened A Long Time Ago and nobody learns anything about them in school anymore. But this? SO much more satisfying!

The whole surrounding debate on women’s suffrage is only mildly interesting, because it’s evident that the United States government has evolved to the point where everyone who points out that voting is merely a sham to grant the governing elite justification in their rule is entirely correct. I mean, when the alleged people’s representatives don’t read the laws that they deem to have passed and then proceed to roll over in submission when the executive branch does whatever the hell it wants to do anyway, it’s pretty obvious that “voting” in America carries precisely the same weight as “voting” in a Communist country does. At least on the Federal level. Isn’t it obvious that “consent of the governed” no longer applies? It just hasn’t gotten bad enough that people are willing to give up their comforts to go into armed rebellion (yet). I expect that modern affluence makes people more willing to bow to tyrants – after all, giving up modern comforts is a larger sacrifice today than it was when life was nastier, more brutal, and shorter back in Colonial days.

[A]ll experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

And what’s more customary to humanity than corruption and graft in the ruling elite? Ho hum, same old, same old.


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