Hugo Awards, sidenote

I have started working my way through the Novels category (leaving WoT for last) but of course it will take me a little while to work though everything.

I just wanted to say that I think I’m in love with Baen Books, and not just because they represent the best sort of non-evil-corporation and publish some of my favorite blogging authors. Let me explain.

This year, the complete WoT is on the ballot and included in the voter packet, and so realistically nobody else nominated this year is going to win. (Or so I am told.) So from a practical standpoint, Orbit’s decision to only include the first five chapters of the THREE nominated novels they publish does make a certain amount of sense. If the books have a good enough hook to snag some of the readers into buying the nominated work outright, all to the good for their pocketbooks, I suppose. (I am kind of irritated that unlike most of the other publishers, they don’t include a Kindle format!)

Baen has one novel on the ballot – the third volume of Larry Correia’s Hard Magic series. When I decided to pay the dues to become a voting member of LonCon3, I figured that if a third volume of a series is going up against the friggin complete Wheel of Time (may it burn in a fire*) then I should read the first two volumes for fairness’ sake. That, and I wanted an excuse to go buy a new book, because I don’t buy books all that often. But you know what Baen did? They put the first two books in the series into the voter packet!

That’s right. They gave out two extra books for free. Even though they didn’t have to, obviously either by any official standard (because Orbit only gave out five chapters each of their three nominees) or by custom (which is to include the whole work). Now I don’t have to spend any money to read Spellbound! This makes me happy, because I feel guilty when I buy books instead of borrowing them from the library, but I don’t live within a convenient distance from the library since we moved and I’ve gotten out of the habit of going over there. (Tsk, shame on me, I know!) Of course, now I’m more likely to run out and buy something else of Larry’s from Baen, which might possibly be the reason they’re so generous: Customer Loyalty +2.

Also, I’ve decided on rankings for the Pro and Fan Artists, and while one of the three included portfolios for Fan Artist was good enough to get my vote, quite frankly I feel that the other two were an insult to at least a thousand DeviantArt fan artists who are much better. Suddenly I felt like I might have more work to do for next year’s nominations than I thought, starting with how to figure out what the eligibility requirements for Fan Artist are. Because there are a ton of great artists in the brony community, and Friendship is Magic is DEFINITELY fantasy, you know! 😉

*I’m clinging to my loathing for the Children of Light in particular and my lack of patience with interminable fantasy door-stoppers in general. If somebody could furnish me with the Kindle location in The Complete WoT where Just Desserts happen to the Children of Light, aka any point where they die gruesomely, I might be able to get through the first book without setting something on fire. (I’m not allowed to set my husband’s copy on fire, because The Patriarchy Said So. Also destruction of others’ personal property is bad, and you shouldn’t do it.)


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4 Responses to Hugo Awards, sidenote

  1. CiaraCat says:

    The Chlidren of the Light do get some Just Desserts, over time. At least, the most evil and crazy of them do. It’s kindof complex. They will continue to make you angry for quite awhile though.

    I will actually be really surprised if WoT wins. The WoT fans will mostly vote it up, sure, but not all of us will vote it first place. (I’m not.) The non-WoT fans (the ones who are vocal) are mostly voting it below No Award, it sounds like. So it’s probably going to be missing a lot of those crucial in-between votes that might put it over the top with the ranked voting system. Also, even if it gets first place, there are so many people planning to vote it below No Award, it actually might not pass the No Award test.

    It’s a really weird Best Novel ballot this year.

    • pancakeloach says:

      Yeah, that’s what my husband says – the CoL are secretly infiltrated by the evil dudes, which is part of why they’re bad (but it was the self-righteous “I am the arbiter of all things good, because I am the standard of good” attitude that got to me!) and they eventually get comeuppance, but not soon enough! LOL

      WoT as a “best novel” entrant definitely is really weird. It’d be far better if the rules had a “best completed series” award that’s on the ballot every five/ten years or so (to give enough time for multiple series to end and thus have an actual competition). Although if people vote it “below” No Award rather than leaving it off the ballot entirely, I expect that it will win, since if a work is on your ballot at all there’s potential for it to “get” your vote. Even if you don’t mean for it to. (That’s my understanding of the voting process, anyway.)

  2. CiaraCat says:

    I could totally get behind a “Best Completed Series” award. Are you going to LonCon3 this year? If so, please go to the business meeting and introduce this as a new category! I can’t go this year, but I’m going to try to get to Sasquan. I’d be very glad to go into that business meeting and vote for its second year to get it in the official rules!

    That’s kindof my understanding of the way No Award works too. If you list only the one thing below No Award on the ballot, and rank everything else on the ballot above No Award, then the thing you’ve listed below No Award can’t get your vote. But if you have more than one thing below No Award, anything you list on the ballot in anything but last place could get your vote (BUT could fail the “No Award” test due to your ballot). If there are 5 nominees, you list 3 above No Award, 4th below No Award, and leave the 5th one off, you’re voting for 4th over 5th. So for WoT, even if people list it below “No Award” but not last, and if it wins the complicated number game and comes out first, if more than half of the people put it below “No Award,” I think this would be our first year with no award for Best Novel, wouldn’t it? It’s going to be interesting!!

    And yes re: CoL. Though the not-evil-but-crazy CoL who “smell wrong” also get their come-uppance. And IIRC they’re the ones who were biggest on the whole “I am the arbiter of all things good, because I am the standard of good.” Galahad, I mean Gallad, shapes them up somewhat and does the right thing because it’s right instead of the shiny thing.

    • pancakeloach says:

      Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this year, maybe in the future… *crosses fingers*

      I don’t understand the whole voting and No Award thing fully but I figured that if anything wasn’t good enough (in my opinion) to win the award, it wouldn’t appear on my ballot at all. No risk of accidentally voting for something that way. XD

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