Debating Obamacare

While I was poking about Polyface Farm’s website looking to see if they had any commentary on how drought and disease have impacted the price of beef and pork, I ran across this post by Joel Salatin about Obamacare.

And then I read the comments, which was a mistake, since it was late and I needed to get some sleep.

You know what, people who love Obamacare? Who sing its praises, because finally you have insurance, you have lower prices, you don’t have to face paying crazy-high medical bills anymore? Every time you defend Obamacare because it’s good for YOU, I hear this:

It’s about time the government stuck its guns in my neighbors’ faces and MADE THEM pay my bills for me! Complete strangers should be happy to be forced to give away their money so that I won’t have to pay my bills!

You disgust me. Your entitlement mentality disgusts me. The relief which you feel, finally having “help”? That relief was paid for by other people’s suffering. Ever read “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”? You’re the ones locking the child away in filth. It’s okay if others suffer, because now you won’t have to. Is that really how selfish and evil you are?

Yes, “something” needed to be done about the HUGE problems we have with the medical industry in this country. There were several solutions that would have resulted in lower costs for everyone. Yes, EVERYONE. But no, instead of fixing the health care industry by rolling back the government meddling that started this whole mess, what we got was a “solution” that makes some people happy at the expense of others. There are names for people who feel pleasure at others’ pain, you know. And of course, there’s a word for someone who denies the truth that their benefits are coming at the expense of other people’s children: cowards. That’s what tells me you know full well that you’re evil and selfish: the extent you go to, to deny the truth that other people are suffering.

May you reap the consequences of your evil in full. And I expect that you will, but I grieve that your bitchy entitlement has inflicted suffering on innocent people in the meantime. It’s one thing for people to suffer because of the nature of reality; a tornado has no ill intent when it destroys people’s lives. But you? You don’t care that other people’s lives are being upended as long as YOU get what YOU want. As long as the promises came true for YOU, you don’t care that they were bald-faced lies for millions of other people.

Debate requires people who accept facts as facts, instead of building an “argument” on nonsense and lies. But I guess that’s the new style, isn’t it? Nonsense and lies, and damn the cost when it’s other people paying.


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