Memorial Day

I’m sure there are going to be many moving works written about Memorial Day today, floating about the internet; I don’t really have one myself.

To those veterans, like my grandparents, who fought in WWII, as well as every other veteran and servicemember – it is you we honor.

Recently there have been stories of vets committing suicide, of unconscionable waitlists for medical care for veterans. That upsets me. No matter what a civilian might personally think of the way Congress and the Chief Executive use the military, those people deserve the care we promised them, when they signed up to fight in our name and in our stead. Some districts are doing fine – oh, is this going to become like how the public schools are run? Veterans choosing where to live the way parents choose neighborhoods with the best schools? Meaning, of course, that the worst districts will end up serving the poorest.

Once, military service was a path I sought to walk, and a path I would discuss with my students if they seemed interested. I can’t in good conscience recommend it any longer. Protecting our nation is indeed a noble choice, but if an American ambassador can be left behind to die, if veterans don’t receive the care they need and deserve because some parts of the VA think it’s okay to commit fraud to make themselves look better… I don’t want to see any student of mine treated like that. I don’t recommend abusive relationships to anybody. And I won’t knowingly put them in the way of them, either.

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