Keeping up with the Joneses

Glenn Reynolds nails it: “political correctness is all about letting one group of white people feel superior to another group of white people. And these [poor rural Appalachians] are that other group of white people.”

The most compelling evidence that the anti-racist white people who claim to care so much about the feelings of offended minorities don’t actually care: their pursuit of policies that actively discourage said minorities from moving up the socioeconomic ladder. With one exception: minorities can become wealthy by becoming spokesmen for the ideas dreamed up by white people, or by advocating racism for their own ethnic group (which is approved of by the white people in question). Their tendency to accumulate power for themselves while “championing” various causes… well, let’s just say, I’m not convinced that their motivations are pure. And the ones whose motivations are pure? They’re idiots. Of the “useful” variety.


Also relevant:

Link to PC as a positional good.

Sheldon explains it pretty well, too. (No need to watch the whole vid.)


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