The Debate is OVER


“Shut up,” they explained.

You know, I do have a tiny bit of a libertarian bent, and I actually do think that if organizations want to only hire people who Think the Right Sort of Thoughts™ or not invite certain people to their parties, then that’s fine. Ideological purging happens on both political “sides,” and I basically think pretty much every current instance I’ve heard of it happening sucks. Even if it’s “my” side doing it. (NRO, this is why I stopped reading you. Parroting party lines is boring. Diversity of opinion is engaging. Did you think they’d stop calling you racist when you got rid of Derbyshire for publishing the “white” version of “the talk” that black parents supposedly give their kids? Not bloody likely, chaps. And yes, the chilling effect on speech was really freaking obvious after you guys pulled that stunt.)

Of course, now we live in a brave new world where you can be fired for saying that even disgusting few-fries-short-of-a-happy-meal racists have a right to privacy in their own homes. Your every personal opinion, if you dare to speak it publicly, is now grounds for your employer to terminate you. Which is why people like Vox Day (who is The Worst Person In The Universe, no doubt) say that non-leftists need to get together to form alternative cultural institutions. And ban all leftists from employment with the institution, due to their habit of infiltrating and then taking over and imposing their own ideological litmus tests.

I’d prefer not to have to exist in such an intolerant world, where you’re forced into enclaves of the like-minded; but free society is rapidly being foreclosed upon. Ideological segregation is proceeding apace, and if the leftists have their way, we’ll soon have 21st-century equivalent to the Jim Crow laws, only this time based on politics and called “hate speech” rather than based on race and called segregation. Freedom of thought is under heavy fire. (If you’re tempted to despair, read some of Sarah Hoyt’s commentary. She sees modern technology as a revolution in progress, one that will break the back of the Thought Police’s power. I hope and pray that she is correct.)

But one thing that gets me – particularly about the colleges that have un-invited people due to a small number of whiny tantrum-throwers – is that if you’re going to ideologically sort people into boxes, can’t you do your homework FIRST? Before issuing the invitations? I mean, come on, people. Caving in to screeching harpies who are trying to silence women of color for their politics (Ali, Rice) at an institution of higher learning! WTF, guys. I guess the pay for being Dean or President or whatever of these places is really high, so they just fold rather than turning around and shaming the protesters for intellectual narrow-mindednessThese tenured agitprofs need to check their privilege or something.

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