I forget where I first saw this story linked, but Stacy McCain’s got a link at his post White Guilt Passes Its Expiration Date. Basically, a white male got tired of having people at his elite college try to shut down his opinions by telling him to “check his privilege.”

So he did. And he’s descended from WWII refugees who suffered terribly and yet still managed to build a new life in America – so successfully that their grandson made it past all the hurdles placed in the way of white males trying to enter Princeton. Let’s recap that: two people, after suffering unimaginable hardship, go from literally zero to Princeton in three generations.

Apparently Tal’s privilege consists of having really badass ancestors who didn’t screw up their lives, who overcame more hardship and “persecution” than any black American currently attending Princeton has ever faced (probably for the last three generations) and used the Land of Opportunity to the fullest.

Sure. People born to families of losers have a rough life ahead of them. That’s true whether you’re a poor urban black kid, or a poor rural white kid. Both of them lack opportunities based on socioeconomic status AND will face bigotry from people who think “people like them” are worthless wastes of space with nothing of value to offer society.

So I feel like having someone tell you to “check your privilege” is kind of a back-handed compliment, and perhaps the appropriate response would be to say, “Thanks for recognizing the hard work that my ancestors and my people have done to make sure their children could succeed in life. Since my people are successful, I think you should listen closely to my opinions if you want to be successful too.” (Then watch the heads of bigots explode, and remain calm when the torrent of hate and racism is poured out upon you.)


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