Modern Colleges: Women Are Not Adults

Via Insty:

Part of the wild and not-so-wonderful totalitarian world of higher education, Occidental’s policy towards investigating charges of sexual assault: “Under this policy,” Occidental’s guidelines explain, “‘No’ always means ‘No,’ and ‘Yes’ may not always mean, ‘Yes.'”

So basically, women are not capable of giving consent. Rather like children.

Of course, what this blatantly sexist policy is meant to do is to provide women with an out: if, at any time, she wants to duck adult responsibility for getting drunk at a frat party, she can claim that she was too intoxicated to consent. Why an equally-intoxicated male should therefore be held responsible for her actions (a position that sounds an awful lot like… patriarchy) is never explained. And, of course, women never lie about rape. /sarc

Over at Insty, a top commenter going by Joseph Henry writes (in part):

Do they not realize what they are saying about women? If others can later decide a woman didn’t really mean what she said, then of what value is the word of a woman? They are saying women are incapable of giving reliable consent. Think about the ramifications. If women are incapable of giving reliable consent then whom would enter into any contractual arrangement with them?

May I refer the audience to Dalrock’s blog, and the numerous postings there about the statistical decline of marriage and the repeated laments of 30-something single women who assumed that Mr. Husband would be along, just as soon as she wanted him. Oh look: it seems that for some men at least, this message has been received loud and clear. A woman’s word is not to be trusted, and therefore he won’t make the contractual arrangement of marriage with one.

Of course, this rabid anti-male bent in colleges is hardly surprising, if one has been following Stacy McCain’s chronicling of how feminist theory as found in Women’s Studies courses denies biology and claims that heterosexuality is an invention of teh evul Patriarchy. Somehow we never hear any evolutionists decrying the science-denying fundamentalist feminists. Huh.

Look, just because a foolish woman who puts herself in a bad position due to all the “Rah rah rah do whatever you want, girl. Oh, and guys? Girls are just as randy as you are!” nonsense suffers emotionally from a hookup that spirals out of her control, that doesn’t mean that the man in the equation has deliberately done something wrong. After all, if he’s intoxicated, and she doesn’t clearly communicate a sudden revokation of consent after being perfectly willing in previous heavy petting situations, he’s doing what he thinks they BOTH want. Expecting him to have PhD levels of body-language communication skills and/or telepathy after five beers and half an hour of foreplay is just plain stupid.

Imagine that you’re walking along the edge of a ledge, and you’re not afraid of heights at all. Some people warn you that walking too close to the edge is dangerous and you might get hurt, and some other people shout that you have a right to walk as close to the edge as you want, and so you traipse happily along the edge. And it all goes fine and it’s so exciting… until you hit a gravelly patch, and the ground shifts under you, and you end up going butt-over-head thump on the ground, covered in a lot of painful scrapes.

Feminists will claim that this analogy doesn’t work, because gravity and treacherous footing are neutral physical forces, not sentient beings with agency. Okay, true as far as it goes. But biological drives are ALSO physical forces, physical forces that manifest as judgement-clouding brain chemistry. Which is why most human societies surround the animal business of mating with layers upon layers of ritual behavior. So that painful slips – miscommunication, mismatched expectations – can be minimized. Lust makes men and women both do some stupid things. Combine that with a sexual marketplace where “anything goes as long as you’re having fun” and liberal alcohol and/or drug use, and you have the perfect recipe for a lot of extremely painful hangovers.

If your “no” means “no,” your “yes” needs to mean “yes.” And you need to have the spinal fortitude to be able to say no when you mean no, because “he emotionally manipulated me!” is the cry of the wronged Patriarchally-owned woman whose men have failed to protect her – not what a mature, independent adult would say.


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