Shunning at work

Normally I would schedule this for tomorrow, but it was so apropos of my previous post, that I must link to it:

Behold, the “consequences” of free speech: a woman, offered an honor for which she is eminently worthy, suddenly snubbed, and given no opportunity to defend herself to her detractors, who acted behind the scenes, not daring to confront the woman they dared to dishonor.

“Shut up,” they explained, after stabbing her in the back.

I hope that there are enough alumni of Brandeis University who are yet honorable, that they will be able to treat B.U. as B.U. has treated a noble, courageous woman. Let their endowments be stripped from them, and none more granted; let every alumni who planned to donate to their alma mater refuse them so much as a penny from now on.

And if the entire staff of, and students majoring in, Women’s Studies at that university do not rise up in protest and stage sit-ins in the president’s office, well. What better way could they have devised to show themselves hypocrites? An oppressive patriarchy has LITERALLY silenced a women’s rights advocate. Where are the protests? The media circus as every feminist vows to quit Brandeis, unless they grovel in apology?


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