Shameless In-Group Promotion

Ok folks, now it’s time for conservatives to take a leaf out of the progressives’ playbook, and promote somebody because he’s Our Guy. Also, it helps that he’s a truly excellent writer, so we don’t even have to compromise on our principles of supporting quality over groupthink! /irony/

Larry Correia is Book Bombing John C. Wright’s new *coughfanficcompilationcough* Awake in the Night Land, which is basically a plot to have everyone buy the book on the same day so that it gets more exposure. I’m not personally familiar with the source material, which is a 1912 novel The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson. (This is undoubtedly because I’m badly educated. Mea culpa, and it’s on my list!) Of course, not being familiar with the source work has never stopped me from reading well-written fanfiction before, so I went out (to Amazon) and bought it! Even if I don’t really “get” the full effect of the stories before I read Hodgson’s book, I know I’m likely to enjoy these stories simply for Wright’s felicity with prose. I’m not really going to have time to read it today, alas – but if it rains tomorrow my plans will be washed out and I’ll suddenly have a bit of extra time!


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2 Responses to Shameless In-Group Promotion

  1. alauda says:

    Unfortunately, Wright’s fiction is as bad as his commentary.

    • pancakeloach says:

      Of course, since his commentary is very good, and various persons familiar with the works of G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis have made comparisons between those two great luminaries and Wright, you are precisely correct. His ability to write non-fiction is equal to his ability to write fiction. Of course, you are free to think both “bad,” but I am afraid there is quite a large number of people who disagree with that assessment, and you haven’t even offered anything but your opinion, which we are free to disregard completely. In my own family, in fact, there is someone who doesn’t like The Lord of the Rings, and we love her and tolerate her inexplicable eccentricity on this matter. No accounting for improperly trained tastes.

      I have now finished the first story of Awake in the Night Land – and it was most definitely a good story. It is a testament to Wright’s skill in writing in a universe not his own that I never once felt confused by any part, which tends to happen in fanfic works where the author assumes the reader is familiar with the source, and glosses over explanations and world-building that are unnecessary to the original’s fans! The only background I have in it, I gleaned from others discussing it in conjunction with the publication of this volume.

      Oh, and for those interested in non-fiction, I believe Castalia House plans to also publish a book of Wright’s essays, so that one doesn’t have to search the archives of his blog to find them!

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