Gun Free Zone = Potential Massacre Area

Fort Hood, again, eh? I wonder when the military will have had enough and decide that, oh, hey, we’re not gonna let the civilians disarm us on our own military bases so we stop being sitting ducks? Makes me glad that I never qualified for contracting in ROTC, and ashamed of our country, that a President who very assiduously did everything he could to avoid the chance that he might be drafted (and has his own armed security detail!) made rules about gun-free zones on military bases that have led to the deaths of our own troops. In a place that should have been safe. It’s sickening.

And “shelter in place” is just a nicer-sounding way of saying “cower in fear.”

Like my husband said the other night: it might take two sides to have a war, but it only takes one side to have a massacre. The authorities are firmly on the side of having a massacre, since they insist on (a) turning as many people into unarmed victims as possible and (b) ensuring that said unarmed victims are “locked down” so as to be convenient targets. I’m sure it makes the bodies easier to locate and identify, afterwards.

The only reason the body counts haven’t been higher, in situations like this, is because the shooters aren’t forming smart plans to rack up kill counts. Someday there’s going to be a marginally intelligent terror attack in a gun-free zone with shelter-in-place policies, and a lot of unarmed people are going to die.

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