An Educational Interlude

Unfortunately for any hypothetical good intentions about posting regularly I may have previously entertained (hah!) I find myself not quite willing to delve into soplistic navel-gazing or endlessly posting links to the four blogs I read every day for material (or the others which I faithfully read whenever new posts appear). And nothing I saw on Facebook recently has inspired me to rant about it – and I’m not posting about baby bunnies being cute. Everyone knows this is true anyhow, even one such as I, an inveterate reptile lover who coos over snakes and stares with fascination at the bejeweled tones of lizards’ scales, and thinks that the flamboyant cuttlefish may be the cutest animal to ever live on Earth.

Recently a very interesting blog-interaction occurred, and I still wasn’t going to post about it, until I caught up on a particular previous posting of John Wright’s (currently reading Mists of EvernessI love Wendy, she’s hilarious! “You have to understand my daddy. He is a very serious person. He does serious things to people.” ROFL) which made the whole thing crystallize into such a hilarious example of Proving Your Opponent Is Entirely Right About You that I had to relate the tale.

So here is the story – not exactly in chronological blog-post order, but in the order which I apprehended it. First, Vox posted this: Madness and the Unreality Principle, and talks about how good the Golden Age trilogy is and how everyone should read it, which is true, because the mere memory of reading that story makes me want to melt into a squealing puddle of Sci-Fi Fangirl. *insert incoherent squealing about sheer awesomeness here*

Ahem. What was I talking about, again? Oh yes, the blog chain. Well, having read Vox’s post, but not reading the comment section there yet, I went Wright’s blog, and read The Unified Field Theory of Madness, which took me a day to finish because I started it too late at night and had to lay it aside until the next day. This was fortuitous, however, as by the next day, Vox’s blog community had racked up just over 200 comments (admirably sticking to the topic! which doesn’t always happen) and the comment discussion was quite illuminating. I highly recommend it, however, make sure to actually read the essay first, so you won’t be ignorant and stupid like one troll who admitted to not having read more than the tiny excerpt Vox pulled out before attempting to criticize the essay. (I haven’t actually read the comments on the actual essay yet. Not enough time in the day to read the whole internet! Curses, foiled again!)

In particular, that 200-comment debate included at least one individual (I don’t bother to keep track of these things, because I’m lazy) who claimed that since Wright had not offered any sufficiently specifically explicit examples of a Leftist, the entire essay was about a mythological creature existing only in Wright’s imagination. This, of course, gained no traction at all, since those of us who have actually read Wright’s blog know exactly what sort of being he means by the term “Leftist” and we ourselves have observed them in action. I personally have even managed to be unfriended on Facebook by one such individual, and since I attended an all-female college and I read things on the internet, I see examples of them quite often and did not need to be provided with any specifically explicit examples thereof in order to understand that the essay is indeed referring to a very real set of persons.

And then I read this, chronologically earlier post of Wright’s, “Mrs Hoyt and Miss Mugwump“, in which Wright specifically identified one. And if you follow the link chain, you can even find out what Miss Mugwump’s real name is, but I’m sure Mr. Wright was merely being gentlemanly in delicately referring to her by a pseudonym, so as not to expose her to public humiliation.

And then, of course, there were the trolls who attempted to disqualify the essay on the grounds that Mr. Wright felt angry at these (imaginary? straw-man?) people and tried to turn the whole thing back on him, by claiming that he was engaging in puffing himself up by putting down others by calling them stupid; of course, in the same post wherein he identifies a specific example of a Leftist, he says “The reason why Miss Mugwump says such an outrageously stupid and obviously false thing is not because she is stupid nor is attempting to deceive anyone. Most lady space-fiction novelists are quite intelligent and quite less deceptive than the average novelist, since they both know the rules of literature and have some familiarity with science. So why do smart and honest people say outrageously stupid and obviously false things?” 

So yes, quite humorous, in that those attempting to refute the ideas of the theory… ended up simply proving it correct in its predictions. And the Vox Populi comment board, as usual, serves as an excellent laboratory!


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