Preschool education

At a university, no less.

You know, when kids are three or four, it’s appropriate to teach them social graces and what sort of things are acceptable public conversation topics so as not to accidentally hurt other people’s feelings by saying something insensitive. Complex ideas are simplified and turned into black and white, because young children don’t appreciate shades of gray. Or tact. They don’t have the capacity for it.

A museum exhibit about history at a university, on the other hand, is supposed to be all about tackling those subjects which are verboten in polite conversation elsewhere. That is the ENTIRE PURPOSE of academic freedom of speech: it is meant to tread beyond social convention, into the realm of taboo, to examine the unexamined parts of life unflinching from the darkness in human hearts.

Only, of course, that’s not what universities are like today. No, today, instead, universities exist to strengthen taboos, to erase uncomfortable facts, to suppress the dross of mankind’s sordid history, because otherwise someone might feel uncomfortable. Reality might dare to cast a pall over some precious snowflake’s mind, and we really can’t have that at a college, can we? It might violate the campus speech codes!


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