Movie: Frozen

I’m actually kind of surprised Frozen is still out in theaters, but I snuck off today for a little fairy-tale cheer and this movie did not disappoint! I have a sister myself, and while I don’t know that I remember us ever being as close as the sisters in Frozen in our childhood, we did have a period of some years when we just didn’t have much to do with each other, especially when we were both in college in different states. And Bad Things happened. Unfortunately as I was eighteen hours’ drive away and didn’t even have a license (much less a car) at the time, I didn’t get to dash out into the snow to save her – Dad flew to the rescue instead.

But we’re close now – and it’s something that we both value highly. So I really enjoyed the focus on the sisters. (And I wish my hair could violate the laws of physics like theirs, there is no way a braid that thick can become a bun that small. Believe me, I’ve tried.) The whole “No, you CAN’T marry a guy you just met!” was perfect – and


the way they did the reveal that yes, this guy is a scheming cad of the worst sort (just as anybody with two licks of sense would have predicted) was great. Even if I am a little concerned that our fjord kingdom didn’t actually have a regent or anything before the coronation because whut? foreign prince takes over instantly? was a little odd, but then. It’s a kids’ movie. I don’t expect coherent politics out of fairy tales anyway.

And “Somebody’s got to tell him!” that was great too. XD

What other stuff I really liked about the movie: Anna falls for the first player she meets, just like you would expect from a cloistered young girl – and Elsa has the sense to tell her NO! Then Elsa has her “I’m gonna do it my way now” moment – and inadvertently hurts those she cares deeply for. But instead of going the bitch route, she honestly does desire to fix things – and does, as soon as she realizes how, with the help of her sister. I think that’s a really good message to send to girls who are raised on pop songs like “Roar.” (It helps that her primary motivation is fear for the safety of others and not narcissistic selfishness, of course.)

And characters talked about ECONOMICS. In a KIDS MOVIE. :O



Also getting to see the trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2 on the big screen was worth about half the price of admission by itself. I know I shouldn’t expect too much out of a sequel and they probably put all the good bits in the trailer, but… Toothless! I want one! (There’s nothing in the HOA regulations about keeping dragons! I checked!) I mean, I don’t think they can top the original movie. It’s a great coming-of-age story. With DRAGONS. I’m a total Night Fury fangirl, so as long as it doesn’t totally bomb, I’m predisposed to love it. I regret not having paid enough attention to movie releases to catch HTTYD while it was in theaters, so I might even go so far as to see HTTYD2 in 3D. On opening night. (Probably not dressed as a Viking. I’m not much into making my own costumes.) I haven’t watched the TV spinoff though. Didn’t think it’d be worth watching, for one, and… well, low production value CGI animation in that style is kinda… painful. Especially after how beautiful the movie animation was. Same style as Frozen, actually. But out of high def, it looks reeeeeeeeeeally bad.


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