Blaming the Victim-Liar

I’m sure that the radical feminists who believe that all sexual intercourse is rape and women who think they enjoy sex with men are suffering some kind of Stockholm syndrome brought on by the evil Patriarchy (now responsible for untold eons of evolution before humans ever developed, since doesn’t sexual reproduction predate humanity on the Tree of Evolutionary Life?) will go on believing their cloud-cuckoo-land nonsense…

But I hope that reasonable and sane people will stop falling for the nonsense of “no woman would ever lie about rape!” since apparently at least one woman thinks “I was raped!” is a better lie to excuse herself for why she was late to work than something more traditional, like “I had a flat tire” or “traffic was really bad this morning.”

Women never lie about rape, uh-huh. Sure. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on. I mean, this sort of rape-hoax is possibly even more egregious than the “I got drunk and took somebody home and then regretted it in the morning” type of false rape claim! (That’s the one where if you point out that she was literally asking for it, you’re Worse Than Hitler™ and Blaming The Victim™, btw. And because I’m a Heartless Conservative™ I also consider girls who get into trouble when they discover that the guy they’ve picked for their One Night Stand decides he’s gonna have sex the way he wants to and not the way she wants him to… are reaping what they themselves have sown. Double if alcohol is involved. If you’re drinking to lower your own inhibitions so you can have some “guilt free” casual sex, what do you think that alcohol is doing to HIS inhibitions, you bleeping idiot?! If you decide to use another human being, well, don’t be surprised when you get used right back, because karma is a bitch. So don’t do stupid things like that in the first place, and don’t take advice about your sex life from pop stars or Empowered Sex-Positive Feminists™. /rant)

My recommendation is that all actual victims of sexual assault and rape form a shadowy organization whose main goal is to so terrify any woman who lies and uses “rape” as an excuse for her own bad behavior that no woman will ever dare to do so again. Because the actual rape victims will gang up on her and torture her to death for making a mockery of their pain. Or, you know, something like that. Maybe just shaving her head bald and one of those old-school Colonial-days brands would be sufficient disincentive. Not that I approve of vigilantism (Rule of Law is definitely better, if you can get it), but you’d think the court system would get a little more bent out of shape over wasting police time even if they don’t really care about the whole “justice” aspect. Perhaps we can get Hollywood to tackle this issue, considering they tend to field a lot of accusations and gossip. It would make a great suspense/horror movie, a great twist on the whole serial-killer-goes-after-the-sexually-active-ones-first trope. Right? 😉

Apologies for the long silence. I hate this time of year, it’s very depressing, and when will Homeland Security extradite this cold weather back across the border to Canada where it belongs?! 

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