I’m pretty sure one reason Vox makes posts about how women are less attractive with short hair is to act as a kind of internet bug-zapper to draw out the frothing feminists so that sane people can point and laugh at them.

Look, I used to have hair long enough that if I sat down wrong, I could pin my head back. Then I went ROTC in college and my hair got progressively shorter, until I was sporting not a pixie-cut but an actual Old Woman type hairstyle where my hair was about 2.5″ long. (Somehow I still managed to snag J, even though at a critical juncture I made the mistake of going to a local hairdresser who gave me a boy’s cut and not an Old Woman cut. The horror.) Since that time my hairstyle has reversed – going through the grown-out-and-donated-to-the-cropped-chin-length stage and now is making its way back to honest-to-goodness long hair. I can’t sit on it quite yet, though.

And that hypothesis of Vox’s, that short hair is a flag for psychological problems?

While I was in college with short hair, I was on antidepressants.

I have long hair now. I also haven’t taken antidepressants for about five years.

So: is short hair a result of psychological distress? And/or – does it contribute? Hmm. We know that being fat causes psychological distress. I really suspect that short hair may do the same although not as strongly, since a significantly larger number of women will praise the short hairstyle than will go rah-rah-rah for gaining excess weight. And looking back, I did have some issues – particularly with adjusting myself from “short hair” back to “long hair” that look, well, silly, on the one hand, and outright rebellious, on the other. I will always be grateful to Vox for his uncompromising, blunt, tell-it-like-it-is posts on Alpha Game – since it really beat into my thick skull that when my husband says “I like the way X looks on you,” it doesn’t much matter how I feel about X, I damn well ought to arrange X for him. If I could smack my past self around right before I went out and did that last crop, I would. I knew better and did it anyway. Gah.

And really, that whole “long hair is so inconvenient” thing that short-haired women think (remember, I was one) – that’s just a bunch of bull. Get good at braiding and it’s really not inconvenient at all. Dutch braid’s my favorite; but stay away from the hairdressers, since layering will not be your friend with any kind of French braid-type hairstyle!


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