Digital Gaming: two cents

Ctrl-Alt-Del is one of the online comics on my RSS feed, though if you’ve been following along you’ll know I’m not much of a gamer myself. But I do have two cents about the digital streaming services.

It is that people care less about old games – old games (mostly) have very low resale value. Some gamers (like my brother) go through a truly amazing amount of churn in their possessions. He’s always selling something to somebody else and moving on to newer stuff. But he’s very eager to get his hands on some new games, pre-ordering them when he has the money for it. So for people who play a new game and then count on selling it after they’re done with it to bankroll the next round, being locked into a streaming-game-rental-agreement instead of having ownership of a physical copy overthrows their entire system. Of course they’d be ticked!

And Steam games? Those are dirt cheap, aren’t they? Lot easier to be okay with the streaming-rental-agreement when you only paid a couple bucks for a game.


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