Happy New Year!

I am procrastinating my chores under the flimsy excuse of consuming a ration of caffeinated beverage while prowling the internets; currently I am prowling John Wright’s blog, since I have read two of his books recently. I found an interesting comment thread, and a pithy quote which I here extract:

The glue of the Conservatives requires the toleration of dissent, because you cannot divorce your brother.

Every time I see some “holiday survival guide” it’s usually filled with platitudes about keeping one’s mouth shut or being tactful when one’s relatives say “rude” things, so as not to exacerbate family tensions. I pity those families; and particularly, knowing the audience of those articles, the liberal scions who would very much like to be able to divorce their un-politically-correct kin. True amity will never be theirs – for the liberals will turn on their own with a viciousness equal to any outrage drummed up against a conservative. But family is always family, and you don’t get to pick and choose your relatives. Even if you don’t see eye to eye – there’s a reason cops don’t like to interfere in active domestic disputes and would much rather sweep up the aftermath instead.


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