Shunning is bad, except when We do it

I’ve noticed a pattern, in which leftists in favor of certain behaviors absolutely decry any social pressure against those behaviors as terrible, terrible bullying. Likely to lead to suicide! How could you! Disapprove of girls dressing up like streetwalkers? Disapprove of women who have six different kids by six different (absent) men, the whole “family” on welfare? You’re a terrible person! How dare you leverage any kind of social pressure against sluts! But on the other hand, if you have a problem with fathers who don’t cut child support checks to their babymommas? Join the bandwagon of social shaming and excoriate those deadbeats! They belong in jail! Shun! Shun! Shun! Men are filthy pigs! Rapists! Harassers! Despise them all you like. Hang a poster depicting a boy being stoned in your college dorm room with the caption “throw rocks at them,” then go attend a symposium on how awful it is that once gay people had to hide their sexual preferences in public.

You see the problem with this? Social shaming is absolutely verboten against anything a leftist likes, and used to the hilt against anything a leftist doesn’t like. Do you hold an un-politically correct opinion? Well, then, expect leftists to not only leverage as much social outrage against you as possible – they’ll also try to get you fired from your job. Are you related to someone who’s not politically correct? You’ll come into the cross-hairs too! (See: Althol Kay’s wife and Stacy McCain’s wife, both of whom were targeted by leftists upset with what their husbands were writing on the internet.)

This is such a well-worn trick that the left plays that it’s getting really old when so-called “conservatives” keep falling for it. Basically, the left says, feigning outrage, “How could you say something offensive like that! Have you no decency?!” And since conservatives are polite and believe in social cohesion, they generally take this seriously. The problem is, the left most emphatically does not play by this rule. Conservative woman? Call her whatever misogynist slur you like and feel free to crudely discuss her sexuality in as degrading terms as you want. Conservative black? Call him whatever racist names you want. Degrade them with absolutely disgusting language, attempt to destroy their personal lives, and that’s all hunky-dory with the left. But the instant a conservative dares to try to compete by being just a fraction as blunt, without even any degrading slurs involved at all, and the leftists and the conservative sellouts all come out crying “Foul!”

Somehow it’s only the cows belonging to conservatives who can be gored; only leftist cows can be sacred. Suuuuuure. No, I think I’m not willing to play that game. And National Review’s obvious “Me too! I want to be popular with the left too!” attitude is the exact same attitude as most “Republicans” in Congress… conservatism is just a veneer to deceive the conservative-leaning low-information voter. At heart, all they care about is power, and leftism’s infatuation with totalitarianism, in both politics and social life, is where the power’s at.

Dissent and you will be demonized and shunned – and they’ll get you fired, too. Attempt to express a hint of disapproval in the other direction? You’ll be accused of vile hate. But remember: no matter what absolutely disgusting filth pours forth from the left, it’s not intolerant hate; only conservatives can be bigots.



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