John Wright tackles tough question about Santa Claus

In a post titled Political Correctness is a Mental Disease (oh how true), Mr. Wright deigns to apply his characteristic wit and genius in choosing appropriate images to elucidate the recent matter of a white person daring to question a black child engaged in Ethnic Cosplaying, which is only a grave offense if a white person dresses up as a Person of Color, as all rightthinking people know. Anyone of any skin color is allowed to dress up as a white person as a matter of course, but woe betide the white person who dares to dress up as a nonwhite person. Because oppression, or something. But you should go read the whole thing, of which only a part is here excerpted, and without any images:

As far as I know, Santa Claus is a make believe character who is described as a right jolly old elf, whom paraanthropoligists have determined is racial memory of the Pictish peoples who migrated from Atlantis, or else members of Homo floresiensis. Scholarly opinion is divided.

Saint Nicholas was so beloved that centuries later the Coca Cola company depicted him in a famous soft drink ad dressed in the red and white which are the official Coke heraldic colors;  and Clement Clarke Moore wrote a poem about his feast day eve visit that has since become a classic.  Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy, wrote a sequel to Moore (what we would now call a fanfic) in the form of a song about one of his flying magical reindeer with a grotesque nasal impediment.


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