The degree to which you are a special snowflake, aka Not Like That, is the degree to which your personal experiences are totally useless when discussing the experiences of the average person.

Keep that in mind next time people are talking about the average experience or giving general advice and you feel the urge to superciliously tell everyone, “That’s not what I did/what happened to me.” Good for you, you’re not average. But since everyone was talking about the average person, nobody was talking about you.

The exception that proves the rule still proves the rule. It doesn’t invalidate the rule. Especially if you’re not a moron. Remember, MPAI and therefore general advice should be tailored with this in mind. And even among people who are more intelligent than average, excellence and/or knowledge is a limited resource. Very, very, very, very, very few people are superlativeĀ generalists. That means someone who’s an expert in one field is very often an idiot in others, simply due to ignorance. Consider the fictional Sherlock Holmes: the world’s greatest consulting detective… who didn’t know the first thing about astronomy. PhD’s in physics are not allowed to “doctor” people.

So be careful, if your experience falls outside the norm, that you ponder whether or not this makes your experience useful to the topic at hand or not. This is something that I also try to keep in mind, since I’m a very odd personality type and was raised in a very “odd” family compared to most of my peers. My own experiences are veeeeeeery far outside the norm, so I don’t really have any frame of reference for things that are quite common for statistically normal people. I never attended high school, for instance. Prom? What’s that? A dance? Oh, I like dancing, we had ballroom dance classes and contra dances at college! And… I’ve played DDR? #popculturefail

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