Leave Them Alone

I’m pretty much convinced by articles discussing philanthropy that the #1 best thing anyone can do for “poor” communities is to LEAVE. THEM. ALONE.

There is nothing wrong with Africa that a magical force-field separating the continent from the rest of the world wouldn’t solve within a generation. The results would not look like the First World, no. But at least without money funneling in from “charities” whose major purpose is to make rich white people feel good about themselves, (1) African entrepreneurs would not be crushed by foreign aid “competition” distributing stuff for free and (2) corrupt African dictators would not be able to rape their countries’ economies and store their ill-gotten wealth in Western financial markets for their planned future cushy retirements.

Where’s the Prime Directive when a “primitive” society really needs it? But I guess some people really want to do good. Okay. Exception: the magical force-field will let you through to go into Africa… but you will be staying there for the rest of your life; you won’t be able to leave. Ever. Want to meddle in other people’s lives “for their own good”? Put your life where your mouth is.

Recently I’ve been watching a series on Netflix called Alaska: The Last Frontier. They’re not doing anything in their own subsistence farming lifestyle that the people of Africa couldn’t do themselves (well, adjusted for climate). Not that I could hack it. Eight months of unimaginably freezing cold winter and six-hour spans of daylight? I’d go mad. Also they don’t have FiOS or modern plumbing out there! #wiltingpansy

You want to help somebody? Look at the suffering in your own backyard, you know, the stuff that’s actually going to involve actual sacrifice and discomfort on your part instead of taking the cheap way out and supporting some “cause” to “help” people in some nation halfway across the world who’d probably be better off without your culturally ignorant meddling in any case. That way, whenever some aspiring leader comes along promising that his plan will make everything all better (and you should vote for him!), you’ll actually have the inkling of a clue that he’s lying his face off, and what kind of thing might actually help instead of funneling money towards organizations dedicated to “solving” a problem that somehow never gets solved. #WarOnPoverty #WarOnDrugs #Education


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