Told You So

I love how Obamacare supporters are always going on about “millions of people who now have health care” as if those people actually, you know, had signed up and paid for their shiny new government health care plans and found doctors to accept them as patients and all.

The reality of Obamacare is that hundreds of thousands (is it in the millions, yet?) of people who HAD affordable health insurance plans are now SOL. Exactly as everyone with more intelligence than Nancy “We Have To Pass The Bill To Find Out What’s In It” Pelosi was saying from the very beginning when Democrats rammed it through Congress by sheer bald-faced trickery.

Including people who depended on those affordable-but-now-canceled plans for access to critical medical care.

But liberals are experts at refusing to see reality through the fog of their faith in government, so if you mention the canceled plans to them they retreat back to “Now millions of the uninsured magically have health care because Obama said so!” talking point as if you’d said something to them in an unintelligible language. They won’t even bother to address the fact that their “solution” has caused people to suffer the very problem they were trying to fix in the first place, because, well, that’s just plain impossible, don’t you see! All these people now “have” health insurance… on paper. And the people who got their plans canceled, well, they should apparently just stop complaining about not having affordable health care anymore. Because Compassion. smh


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