Book Rec: Murder Mystery IN SPACE

“I offend people on the internet for being an unabashed right winger. Vox sends them into hyperbolic rage spirals. He is their devil. They hate him more than Scott Card or George Bush, so that is saying something. Anybody who has caused that many panty twists is deserving of royalties just for the entertainment value of watching the literati have come aparts.” – Larry Correia

“Needless to say, I’ll be watching my six with extra caution given the likelihood that Larry will be sending magic kanji-enhanced Shadow Guard after us.” – Vox Day

Mmm. Hyperbolic rage spirals, and generally their brains explode at the end in a beautiful shower of gruesome fireworks. (Not really.) But an impending ficwar? Bring it on! (Anything that makes good writers write MORE is a big win in ravenous readers’ eyes!)

But if you like “gun porn” and murder mystery and science fiction, you oughta go check Quantum Mortis. The murder mystery and scifi part sound interesting, but these guys write Manly Man Fiction, and gun/tech porn is Just Not That Interesting to me. Explosions and space battles are prettier on the silver screen after all.* I’ll probably lurk with it on my mental book backlist unless one of my male relatives embarks on a sci-fi reading phase, in which case: BIRTHDAY GIFT! 😉




*Why, yes, I am shallow!


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