Playground Insults

Whenever an Evangelical Atheist Troll shows up in a comment thread and begins spewing elementary-level playground ad-hominem insults, and includes the perjorative “god-botherer” in their ranting, I’m always vaguely amused.

I mean, if God is imaginary, He can’t be bothered by people praying to Him, right? And if the Christian God does exist, He actually did tell His followers to “bother” Him, so it’s kind of like insulting someone by… saying they’re doing a good job? 

Tell me again how atheists are ruled by reason and logic; I need a good laugh. Sometimes I’m tempted to compliment the troll on the fineness of their concern for the mental well-being of an imaginary entity. But such trolls don’t have a sense of humor, and you’re not supposed to feed them.


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