The Patriarchy is Made of Women

Title shamelessly stolen from pithy Insty commenter Dishman – scientists discover that it’s women who do the slut-shaming!

Well, duh. Single men and adulterous husbands are hardly going to criticize the girl that’s putting out, now are they? And women who are pursuing “long-term mating strategy” – aka monogamy – find themselves at a distinct disadvantage if their short-term-strategy slut sisters are putting out on the first meeting for free. All the “good men” get snapped up by the lucky few pretty fast. Especially on college campuses, where the sex ratios are skewed heavily in the attractive guys’ favor by an overabundance of randy females. Add in the likelihood of the females competing with each other in a hook-up environment for the intrasexual status that comes from achieving exclusive investment from a desirable male (rather than being one of his many Interchangeable Sex Objects, though if he has enough of them, being part of his harem confers a bit of status too) and the reasonable resistance of males to grant the coveted “exclusive” status to promiscuous women…

Yeah. You can tell a Patriarchy run by males by the burkas, but even in those societies you’ll find the women doing a lot of the enforcement work behind the scenes.

And as far as the scientists’ professed shock and dismay over this, let me ask – which is worse? Depressed teenage girls who are getting picked on in school, which is temporary, or the crippling social mobility handicap of being a teenage high-school dropout welfare mom… for four generations straight? Teenaged girls getting bullied in school have parents to protect them. Let’s talk about holding parents responsible for pulling their children out of toxic environments before we start trying to recode human nature, shall we? Because the segments of modern society that’re showing the results of a lack of slut-shaming aren’t doing so well. If the school and the bullies’ parents are insufficient to curb excessive persecution, the few individuals who are psychologically vulnerable can be removed to safer environments for far less cost.


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