My Way Or The Highway

I got in some hot water with someone on Facebook for saying that I wish that people who believe in gun control would emigrate from the USA. I was using deliberately inflammatory language, and she took offense to the “rudeness,” from what I can tell.

Okay. I could have used polite language instead of “GTFO.” I stand corrected in semantics, but the message still stands: if you want to live in a place that (you imagine is) gun-free because of government controls on guns, there are at least a DOZEN very nice modern democratic societies you can apply to join. They all have working socialized health care systems, too. (Or so they say.) And New Zealand is so very nice, I want to live there despite their gun laws!

On the other hand, if the gun-controllers take over the USA and manage to strip out the Second Amendment as entirely as they’d like, where can the defeated gun-lovers go in order to enjoy their God-given right to self-defense?


Point me to any nation on Earth that has a Constitutional guarantee of personal freedom to bear arms enshrined from the very beginning in its law. Point me to another nation that would rather fight the most powerful empire in the world – and DID fight – rather than give up their right to firearms. If you can find such a place in the First World I’ll pack up my guns and go live there instead, okay? Sauce for the goose, etc.

So if you want to live in a “gun-free” country, be my guest. Just don’t achieve that by taking away my only chance for freedom. Leave the US for another country with stricter gun control and no pesky Second Amendment. You’ll be happy to live in a nation of like-minded people, and I’ll be happy to be secure in my right to have a gun with lots of bullets to defend myself in the case of a home invasion. You get what you think you want (I have my doubts as to whether you’ll like it once you get it), and I’ll get to breathe a little easier knowing that there’s one less person about to get swindled by a smooth-talking politician who promises to make sure those Scary Guns will never hurt anyone again if only you elect him. (News flash: we already have gun regulation. Obviously it’s not working the way the last guy promised it would, why are you gonna trust this guy’s promises??)

Guns in the hands of criminals result in violent deaths. I understand that. But what people on the other side don’t understand is that guns in the hands of the government alone has killed MILLIONS. As heartbreaking as it is, I would pay the price of Columbine and Sandy Hook to avoid the price of Auschwitz. The Holodomor. The Rwanda Genocide. Darfur. The Great Leap Forward. Columbia. Venezuela. Yes, criminals can kill more people faster with guns than they theoretically could with knives. Governments have killed far more people than any number of criminals with their own personal armory EVER WILL. If you think the gun-toting representatives of the US government are all sweetness and light and “protect and serve” – go read Amy Alkon’s blog for a while. Trust me, you won’t like cops very much after you’re done, even if every interaction you’ve ever personally had with one has been professional. I’d rather face a madman with an AK-47 than a SWAT raid on the wrong house at four in the morning. Madmen can be captured and punished, if they don’t suicide first. Good luck getting justice for innocent people shot by SWAT personnel.

If you are concerned about mass shootings and want to do something about them, I suggest you take a good, hard look at where they all happen: gun-free zones. In places that are not gun-free, some wacko will start what he thinks will be a mass shooting – only somebody else shoots the guy first, and it never reaches “mass shooting” level. But of course the Mouthpieces of the Democrat Party, otherwise known as “mainstream media,” are not going to report those, because it doesn’t help The Cause, don’cha know.

And if you don’t personally want to carry a gun, don’t make it harder for your neighbors to carry theirs: they’re the ones who will be protecting you by shooting any madmen. If you can’t trust your neighbors with guns – see the original solution: MOVE. You’re in the wrong neighborhood.

A related note of contention was that I was using harsh language in response to a housewife, “someone who couldn’t make a difference.” I didn’t get a chance to respond to that at the time, and FB isn’t really the best forum multi-threaded “discussions,” so I’m going to take that apart, right here.

Are you kidding me?!? Housewives make an incredible difference! There isn’t a politician elected in the USA who doesn’t get there without winning the female vote! Not only are there more women than men in absolute numbers, women cast their vote more often than men do. Now let’s be really un-Politically Correct, and I’ll tell you I was talking to a white woman. It is a curious fact that of the three main racial blocs in the US, only white people split their votes between parties. Blacks monolithically vote Democrat; Hispanics are slightly less dependable Democrats but the great majority still vote automatically for the Democrat. Therefore, since blacks and hispanics are already “won,” so to speak, the deciding demographic is white women. Whoever wins the most, wins the election – at least for now.

So my white female liberal housewife interlocutor could be said to be the ONLY kind of person who DOES matter when it comes to current political debate, because white women are the deciding votes. They are more likely to be swayed, because the white vote splits fairly evenly, unlike other racial blocs. And whatever they decide is “good” will carry over into a significant portion of the white male population, to the White Knights who carry out their Divine Mistresses’ Holy Commands. (This is a gross exaggeration, I know. But to say that housewives don’t politically matter? Honey, I think I need to speak with your premarital counselors!)

Now let’s go back to My Way or The Highway.

That is exactly how politics is designed to work. You have ONE LAW. Everyone must follow it. Whoever makes the law gets to say, My Way, or I throw your butt in jail, which makes the Highway look like a pretty good option, actually. (Did you know that there are more male victims of rape than female victims? No? You know why that is? Most of them are raped in prison. So nobody cares enough to do anything about it.)

I’m offering a win/win situation, in which gun-controllers have a wide array of options to choose from and we’re both happy. They’re offering me the choice of Give Us What We Want, And You Get Nothing. Because I don’t believe in their promises of safety as soon as we get rid of all those Scary Guns. I look at the crime stats in “gun-free” places, and I think, hmm, yup, they still have violent crime, and I’d really rather not have to defend myself at close range with bladed weapons or blunt objects, because I’m a woman, and I’d lose.

So yes, if your position on guns is that Guns Are Scary and We Need Regulation!! and Wasn’t That Lockdown Terrifying?! – I would very much like you to leave the United States for some other country. We’ll both be more comfortable that way: you won’t need to be afraid of Scary Guns anymore, and I won’t need to be afraid of the kind of politician you’re going to vote for. (Alternatively, we could regulate voting as tightly as you’d like to regulate gun ownership, complete with mental health evaluations, background checks, and expensive Constitutional history classes and civic proficiency tests. I’d be okay with that. Remember, voting has killed more people than criminals with guns!)

However, I will admit to my fault, which was explained to me by John C. Wright: I shouldn’t have cussed. Even by acronym. Mea culpa.


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