For how long shall we fail them?

Stacy McCain has an article worth reading up on American Spectator, Madness Takes Its Toll. I’d like to concur, and highlight once more that truly caring for many of the mentally ill would mean taking whatever steps necessary to maximize their functionality as human beings. Those who take “the pitiful hand-wringing pose of sensitivity” and proclaim, like the ACLU, that the insane have the right to live on the streets ranting and raving until they die of exposure or illness, or snap and commit horrific crimes for which they are thrown into a jail system not designed to deal with their needs, are actually causing harm.

Look, your intentions might be pure, but if the real-world results are blood in the streets, what the fuck is wrong with you?!

Even sane people often choose to “put themselves in institutions” in order to maximize their potential as human beings. For example, back when I was graduating high school and planning for college, I decided to join an ROTC program. One of the reasons I did so was because I wanted the institutional discipline. I’m well aware that my natural tendencies lean pretty strongly towards being a slacker, and the cliche college environment of partying every weekend made me sure that I wanted to put myself into a situation where such behavior would be constrained by immediate peer pressure, corps pride, and the external threat of punishment for misbehavior and promise of awards for success. One of the things about being sane is that you have enough self-awareness to realize your weaknesses, and then avoid situations that will exacerbate the problem and place yourself in situations that will help you realize your goals despite your weaknesses. 

Crazy people can’t do that on their own. A crazy person on a good day will probably think “I can handle this!” … and go off the medications or leave the situation in which their behavior is channeled towards beneficial rather than harmful. But can the crazy person handle it? No. Sooner or later a bunch of bad days roll around, the meds wear off, and the mentally ill hurt themselves or others. And pretty much everyone knew that was going to happen, but because of “sensitivity” and “caring,” nobody had the right to keep the mentally ill person constrained.

And in the case of the Deeds tragedy, well, it seems that there was a legal method to constrain the young man… but it failed because no one could find a space for him. Somehow there’s enough money for extended unemployment and massive increases in food stamps and ridiculous mandated health care “insurance” exchanges – for people who are perfectly sane and healthy – but there’s not enough psychiatric beds for the mentally ill? WTF?

A great many liberals are soooooo conceeeeeeerned about “quality of life.” How can people not see that for some of the mentally ill, the quality of life in an institution designed to meet their needs is far better than living on the street or committing mayhem and suicide? How many more people are going to have to die before the concern trolls who get their jollies from being “good, caring people” realize that for “society” to help paranoid schizo’s and mentally addled drug addicts, we have to lock them up in a nice mental institution that (a) makes them take their meds, and (b) gives them something productive to do with their lives in a highly structured environment?


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