Better, but still not justice

Amy’s excerpted a story about how (finally!) a prosecutor who willfully and deliberately sent an innocent man to jail for a murder he didn’t commit has finally been “punished in a meaningful way for his transgressions.”

Uh, no. It might be a “first time” for a prosecutor to get jail time for being an evil inhuman monster, but ten days of jail time isn’t justice for the crime of locking up an innocent man for twenty-five years. Twenty-five years of which this evil, inhuman monster went about successfully living his life and eventually ended up as a judge himself.

No, justice would require that this man be thrown into prison himself for twenty-five years, and his entire estate liquidated and given to his victim as recompense for literally destroying an innocent person’s life.

Or we could just shoot the bitch. I think it’d be fair for prosecutors to be executed for deliberate maleficence in their duties, especially if it involves a murder case. Because, guess what? Due to Ken Anderson’s stunning lack of honesty and integrity, not only has he essentially committed treason against the rule of law… he let the real murderer go free. Gee, I sure hope nobody else got murdered by the real murderer after he managed to escape scott-free from the “justice” system!

Look, I sympathize with the three or four good people who work in the police/judicial system in the United States (this is an extremely high-turnover position – it’s going to be a different set by next month as the older ones are corrupted or fired and replaced by the young and naive before the process of corruption/purging begins again). The problem is that the entire thing is systematically and culturally corrupt. So when crazy anarchist bloggers say “I hope you get killed” to cops… yeah, I’m not gonna go around defending the Blue Losers. If you are a “good person,” you’re not gonna be working in that field for long. Sure, maybe “most cops aren’t like that” – but that’s only because most cops are sheep who won’t take a stand against minor, petty evils that happen every day under their noses, who won’t speak out against the corruption of the system because they know they’d get fired and harassed by their former “buddies,” and all those traffic stops and civil forfeitures help fund the department, and “we’re the good guys”… and then some SWAT team is breaking into the wrong guy’s house on the “reliable testimony” of some crackhead “informant” and shoots up a family and their dog. Ho hum. Nothing to see here, folks.

Good guys. Right. That’s what you are. Suuuuuure. If cops and lawyers were “good people,” they wouldn’t need immunity from the very law they “uphold.”

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