Understanding Crazy

Martel’s got a post up about ideological conflict – describing the differences between liberals who live in cloudcuckooland,* and conservatives, who tend to have at least a couple of toes on reality. Even if it’s only by virtue of holding to a tradition that’s survived test-to-destruction over a couple thousand years or so, and not any innate superiority of intellect. (The destruction – of the society in question – tends to happen when the traditions are flouted for long enough.)

I’m hoping he’s going to post more about rhetorical debate techniques, because I’d really like to know how to deal with the crazy. I was guilt-tripped into going back onto Facebook to organize a family event for Thanksgiving, and ran across one of my cousins extolling Obamacare because a member of her immediate family happens to have good work-provided insurance (wtf does that have to do with Ocare?) and is hoping that the website will function soon so she can sign up for “really cheap insurance like $12/mo like my friend got!” Uh. Well. How nice for your friend. Not so nice for the MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LOSING THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE or having their premiums go up by HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, now is it? Not that I responded to the thread, as I presume that particular specimen of humanity is lost to all reason. And I dunno how to argue without logic and facts. 😦

*Also known as the Big Rock Candy Mountains.


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One Response to Understanding Crazy

  1. Martel says:

    I’ll try to address this situation specifically in my next post or two, although you might not like the answer.

    In the meantime, thanks for the mention.

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