Math is easy, doors are hard

This guy has some problems, but he’s obviously never met a woman like me. Faced with any nonstandard door, I actually DO have trouble figuring out the “engineering dynamics” of getting the dratted thing open. Happened again just this morning, in fact. … I don’t think I’ve ever cried over a door, though. Been repeatedly embarrassed by them, yes. Cried, no. Unless you count that time when I was six and tripped over the threshold, because I was running in the house and expected to bounce off the closed glass door to decelerate. Which door, as it turned out, was open. Ooops. There’s also that time I cried over botching a deadlock installation. Used the wrong screws, and they got stuck, and even though I’d put them in, I couldn’t get them out again! (Dad came to my rescue.)

In any case, anybody who makes a scene over what is simply a small gesture of kindness is a real bitch. Who cares why a person holds the door open, when it’s simply polite for everyone to hold doors for everyone else??


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