Baby fishes

Be glad you’re not a fish. Even the more involved parents in the fish world have a bad habit of eating their young. Therefore, in an artificial environment, human intervention is necessary on behalf of the next generation… of course, now I’m gonna hafta get my act together and care for them properly, which means daily water changes and feeding them every two hours or so while I’m awake. *sets timer* Good thing I have hoses and faucet hookups for the tank! (Momma fish wasn’t very happy with me stripping her young out of her mouth by holding her jaw open with a toothpick. It’s kinda traumatic for us both, as I have to hold her very carefully! I gave up with one left in her mouth, and let her back into the tank. It was a miracle I managed to net her out in the first place!)

All of them were in one mommy fish's mouth!


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