The Uncomfortable Truth

The Other McCain often covers Virginia politics, and we recently had an election ’round these parts, in which a slimy inner-Beltway rat from out-of-state who plans to hand out taxpayers’ money to his cronies won by a narrow margin.

I’m sure a lot of people who are smarter than I am and exponentially more informed about the ways and means of making political sausage have a lot to say in the post-mortem about the gubernatorial campaigns. I’d like to add my own admittedly amateur opinion: the slimy rat won, because women are stupid. Democrats are well aware of this fact and take full advantage of it at every turn.

That’s not to say I am particularly ashamed of my sex – but the sad truth is, a lot of people are morons, and on the balance of things, more women are morons than men, because we can get away with it far more easily. Do you know what internet ad was ubiquitous, on literally every single internet page with ads that I saw, in the week leading up to the election? One which proclaimed, very seriously, that the Republican candidate for governor would ban contraceptives, outlaw abortion, and have the police investigate miscarriages. (As if they don’t have better things to do, like lurk around corners handing out traffic tickets.)

So apparently, women were to believe that they were going to be voting for Supreme Dictator of the Sovereign Empire of Virginia. And not, you know, governor, a position notably lacking in the power to create new laws unilaterally at will or overturn Supreme Court decisions.

Even if I were not a social conservative, I like to think that I would refuse to vote for a Democrat who so obviously thinks women are ignorant, easily-stampeded sheep.

I’d prefer it even more if the Dems weren’t correct in their assessment of women. The realization that all of the many, many women who fall for this trick have actually passed through high school – and many through college – without understanding the first thing about the power of their own state governor vs. the state legislator and the freaking UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT only makes me more certain that the franchise needs to be drastically limited. If you don’t even know how your own government works, you have absolutely no business voting on who is qualified to run it! And we already have a citizenship exam, for legal immigrants. Let’s just start by making everyone who wants to vote have to take, and pass, that exam every year. And if you fail, too bad, so sad, try again next year.

In the meantime, the Republican candidates need to realize that the women who vote for Democrats are stupid and easily-stampeded by any mention of restriction of women’s “reproductive rights,” no matter how blatantly moronic the Democrat assertions are – and plan accordingly to thoroughly mock the inevitable attempt and make sure to blanket the media with ads conveying the fact that anyone who believes such absurd lies is an ignorant idiot. 

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