Science and speciation

It deeply amuses me to consider the propensity of biologists to slice up animal species into a plethora of subspecies based on utterly minute regional differences – take a look at the ridiculous Wikipedia entry on the white-tailed deer, for example, with over thirty subspecies listed – while certain in the knowledge that nearly all of them, if questioned, would claim that Homo sapiens sapiens is one species spread across six continents and any question on whether or not the supposedly non-existent, socially-constructed “races” are actually different subspecies is racist, and damn the biology

This is why evolutionists who whine about how natural selection “proves” their theory amuse me. “Species” is an arbitrary classification imposed on living things at the whims of human beings, and is routinely twisted into whatever shapes the current crop of scientists want it to be twisted into for their own gain. Which is why there are 30+ subspecies of white-tailed deer (because that no doubt produces more research-grant opportunities for people studying deer) while the mere suggestion that white people and black people and yellow people are effectively different subspecies of human is met with wails and gnashing of teeth and an amazing lack of reading comprehension. As if merely pointing out the fact that “humanity” as a biological species also possesses subspecies – such as the subspecies that originate in Europe, Asia, and the Americas – is going to inevitably lead to a dystopic, post-apocalyptic society that resembles a bastard love-child of the Nazi holocaust and the worst excesses of 18th-century Deep South slavery. 

Well. I suppose I can sort of see how a certain set would become alarmed over the prospect. Having forsworn the religion of the West, which calls every human being, regardless of race or genetic endowment, a child of God and therefore to be respected, what else is left? In truth, there are unimaginable horrors visited by human beings upon other human beings every day. If “we are all the same” is your only reason for respecting other human beings, and your belief system allows for the culling of the genetically crippled (see: Down’s Syndrome baby abortion rates), the thought that the different races are genetically distinct subspecies must truly be terrifying. Like pulling the safeties off a nuclear arsenal and waiting for Armageddon. 

The truth is, “humanity” is not something that is biologically or materialistically determined, and never has been. Otherwise, why would we speak of humane treatment of animals? Human beings have been voluntarily separating themselves into subspecies groups, quite deliberately, for, oh, about all of recorded history. Or what did you think tribal affiliations were? Forget thirty, if humanity doesn’t have at least thirty hundred thousand subspecies, using the same category differentiation the white-tailed deer gets, I would be shocked. Shocked, I tell you. And with us, subspeciation is a matter of reason, intellect, and culture as well as instinct and genetics.

I really think this could be a boon to humanity, you know. We could legitimately call the corrupt, slimy politicians their own subspecies – they do habitually formally pair up exclusively with each other (even if they do cheat), and they have their own very narrow coastal habitat with only a few landlocked enclaves – and then the rest of us could disavow them. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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