Well, he did like dogs, right?

I enjoy Amy Alkon’s posts about her dog – I’m pretty sure her canine companions have always been better behaved than at least 80% of America’s children under the age of 10 and 99.998% of all American teenagers.

I’d love to have a dog, but there are several things in the way. Firstly, I’m allergic (I’m sure I could deal, but…), and secondly, our current home was formerly occupied by trailer trash who failed to appropriately care for a number of dogs and cats, permanently damaging parts of the house infrastructure. While we’ve replaced a few smelly boards in the hardwood floor – the worst patch – there are still at least three corners that still smell on humid days, and that’s just to my relatively dull human senses. I could never reasonably expect another animal NOT to mark over those spots, nor would I attempt to violate their instinct to do so. It would be cruel. So I like to pet other people’s dogs when I have a chance, even the ones that try to jump on me every time!

One thing that occurs to me a lot when contemplating the toy dog breeds is kind of disturbing, though. What is it with us humans and breeding domestic animals to look like freakish mutants, then calling the results “cute”? O_o … and why am I starting to agree, at least about some of them? Help, the virus has got me!


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