Dietary Guidelines

Someday, the mainstream health advice in America is going to (re)discover that unprocessed fats are not bad for you. Maybe in that future halcyon day, I’ll be able to go down the “health food” isle looking for dairy substitutes (like the coconut “milk” beverage I got the other day) and they’ll actually, you know, not taste like sugary cardboard. Funny, how that unsweetened coconut beverage has a real creamy texture… but half the fat of whole milk, even though I carefully selected one of the few varieties that didn’t say “light” or “fat free.” No wonder it tastes hideous. :-\ (Maybe I should put some of my coconut oil in it and blend it up!) And the bottle of kombucha I got, well, it certainly tastes as sweet as a soda. “Health food” my foot, that thing is a dessert. And wandering by the refrigerator of kefir (not that I can eat that stuff, dairy!) I noticed that the vast majority of them were low-fat or fat-free and/or flavored. Suuuuure that’s healthy. Right.

Time to go digging for more info on gut health, I guess. Problem is, the reading I’ve done so far seems to indicate that as far as managing diet and gut flora go, “modern” medicine is pretty much at the “snake oil charlatan, nobody actually really knows what’s going on, perform this ritual and pray you get better” stage. You know, I really have never had that much trouble establishing the proper microbial colonies in my aquarium filters, why’s my own internal filter so cursed difficult?


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