Scolding the wrong person

Matt Walsh scolds a proud deadbeat “dad” – but while everything he says may well be true, he’s scolding and shaming the wrong person.

The persons responsible for the two fatherless children are their mothers. Not the player who sired them.

Women control sexual access. Women decide who gets laid. And it’s women who decide which men will reproduce. Why should BW behave “like a real man” when his current lifestyle nets him as much sex as he wants? He literally has no incentive to do so. And the high rates of divorce and subsequent child-theft for men who “serve” their wives shows that “protect and serve” is a truly risky prospect. Why would any guy want to spend years of his life resisting temptation, denying his own desires, only to set himself up for that kind of torture?

BW is making a completely rational decision. Not a moral one, no – but it is a rational one.

And that’s not even addressing his claim that the women tried to “trap” him into commitment by getting pregnant. His decision to walk would be 100% rational even if the pregnancies were true accidents. We don’t know both sides of the story – but I can easily believe that both women did deliberately become pregnant (without consulting BW, and expressly against his wishes) and then attempted to use the child as leverage to extract commitment.

And let’s be honest: in today’s society, when no-strings-attached sex is free and plentiful for any player willing to put forth the effort to acquire it, why should he bother to stay with one woman when other (younger, hotter ones) are eager to hop into his bed? I mean, hello, babymomma has already proven herself to be “a woman of loose morals” – if he does put a ring on it, odds are she’s just gonna turn around and blow the whole thing up with an acrimonious divorce in a few years so she can go running off into the arms of a different player.

Oh yes. I’m sure the disapproving rants of social conservatives are going to make guys like BW think twice about his life when some skank in a miniskirt shoves her boobs at him in a bar. Riiiiiight. Word to social conservatives: players really don’t care about your opinion. Men are difficult to shame. Women, on the other hand, are extremely responsive to shaming. That’s why “being judgmental” is a cardinal sin in the modern world. (Word to the women: babies are not good replacements for your dad wielding a shotgun.)

To the two fatherless kids: I’m sorry. But both your parents put their own selfish desires above their duty to be good parents to you. You didn’t think a parent’s responsibility began at conception, did you? Oh no, it begins with choosing a mate. Let’s call a spade a spade: “fatherless” children, with very few exceptions, are actually “sluts’ children.” Their problems in life are not primarily due to an absence of fathers – that’s just a symptom. The disease is that their mothers thought that sleeping around for selfish pleasure in the present was more important than being a good parent in the future.

Single mothers aren’t heroes. They’re failures. Want to get rid of the plague of deadbeat dads? Start telling women to keep their pants on. BW wouldn’t have the opportunity to abandon his kids if their mothers weren’t spreading their legs for him in the first place.

Besides which, players who think nothing of “serving” legions of randy women are not going to be shamed by morality they don’t hold – and blaming the players just makes it more comfortable for the sluts to keep offering free sex to those smokin’ hot bad boys. If you wanna get the players to think about changing their behavior (or at least taking better precautions), you might point out that the government is very happy to throw men in jail for failure to reimburse the state for child-support welfare payments.


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