Eternal quest for the Best Shave

In a fit of boredom I poked through my feedly and ended up reading this post on PJ Lifestyle. (I avoid PJL mostly because… it’s usually terminally boring. I know Sarah Hoyt writes for them, but her blog is way more interesting than the articles they’ve got her writing for them. I hope she gets good marketing exposure for all her effort.)

Now, since I’m female, I don’t have a beard to shave, but I do shave various body areas on a regular basis – and my husband shaves – so it’s a topic of interest.

What I couldn’t believe, is that in the course of searching for a good tool to use while shaving, this guy ASKED HIS WIFE. Whuuuuut? Like, asked her if she thought it would be a good razor? Dude, women don’t usually shave their faces. What were you asking her for? PERMISSION? To order a new kind of razor? And then she essentially ordered you to just go buy it? And you admit to this interaction on the internet? Wow. That’s…. really lame. I cringe for you. And for her. Ouch.

When my husband was searching for a better shave than he was getting from his electric razor, I am happy to say that he did all his own internet research himself, ordered all the supplies himself, and even went personally shopping at Bath and Body Works… HIMSELF. After he had collected information and made a decision, he did talk about it with me, but mostly because it was a topic of mutual interest, not because I was expected to give him any kind of input whatsoever on what sort of razor he would be using on HIS face. I was just the sounding board for thinking out loud. He chose to go old-school, with a razor that takes a single double-edged safety blade, and he uses a boar(?) bristle brush for his shaving foam stuff and some other shaving cream stuff for afterwards. *waves hands* I don’t really know, I don’t get sent to pick up more in the shopping runs very often, we tend to buy the stuff in batches so it lasts a good long while. And my shaving foam comes in a totally different bottle anyway.

But yeah, he’s been happy with the single razor blade. Very cheap, too, you can get a year’s supply of those suckers for about $10 off amazon. Since he found the single blade gives a good shave, without all the irritation he was getting from the other kinds of shaving tools, I decided to give it a try too – but with those Bic single-blade “sensitive” safety razors. I also found that the single blade works perfectly well – and I don’t mind having to go to the guy’s side of the shaving aisle to pick up a pack of them! (Don’t ask me what makes them “sensitive” razors. It’s just a single blade in a plastic mount, no extra bells or whistles. I suspect it’s having only a single blade that makes them less likely to irritate the skin than the multi-bladed versions. My skin certainly seems to think so!)


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