Diversity and School

Apparently there’s a study that says rich people love diversity until they have kids.

I don’t think that’s true, actually. I think rich people say they love diversity, but then make sure to sequester themselves in non-diverse residences and workplaces even if the general neighborhood is “diverse” due to high population density. Wealthy child-free people are probably not chumming around with the janitorial staff at work or living in tenements, after all. Then they have kids, and realize that unless they move to a different neighborhood, the nature of compulsory schooling will make providing their children with equally bubble-wrapped lives very difficult, so they move out.

Of course, this is actually a good thing, not that the Salon author thinks so. Nations need their most capable to succeed, in order to engage in wealth-creating activities: having the children of highly successful people stuck in substandard inner-city “schools” where their potential goes to waste because uncontrolled welfare brats continually disrupt classes doesn’t actually benefit society. What does Salon think wealthy parents are going to do? Turn the PTA into a dictatorship in which they impose successful life behaviors on the single welfare moms and their bastard spawn? We’ve been throwing money at poverty and at public education for decades, and it’s only gotten worse, so having wealthy parents “investing” in poor inner-city schools is not gonna change things for the better. Let’s face facts, here: “diverse” schools are bad schools not because of a lack of money, but because “diversity” means you’re going to have, in addition to people who care about education, people who just don’t give a damn. Putting the two groups together is not going to lead to a positive outcome. Money is not the problem in underperforming schools – every one-room schoolhouse on the prairie a hundred years ago could teach subsistence farmers’ kids reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. Attitude towards education is the problem, and no amount of money is going to solve that!


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