Don’t Date Batshit Insane

Because if “batshit insane” gets paired with “female,” the entire legal system is set up to screw the victim over.

Also, women need to be taught that emotional manipulation is Evil. With the capital E. There’s a certain amount of noble honesty to straightforward violence – speak softly and carry a big stick, as it were – but the really evil villains are the ones who are kidnapping the hero’s kids/girlfriend and threatening to kill them. That’s emotional manipulation. And it doesn’t take kidnapping for that to reach the realm of Evil. “I’ll make your life pure misery!” definitely qualifies too.

Also, I’m sorry, but women are hormonally insane under normal circumstances. It’s pretty much an inescapable fact of biology. Pair the tendency toward what was known as “hysterics” with a society that no longer requires women to behave themselves in a civilized manner…. and you end up with women who once would have been constrained by peer pressure and a desire to preserve social standing in the community into reasonable behavior giving into the temptation to escalate everything. A woman’s emotions might range from “tropical storm” to “Cat 5 hurricane” but if she gets power/attention/sympathy for flying off the handle, you can pretty much guarantee that every little tropical depression is going to mature into a hurricane if she doesn’t get what she wants. And women are notorious for not being happy when they get what they demand, sooooo…..

Here’s the thing. Emotions are real. But they’re not always appropriate. That distinction is one that is not taught to anyone in these days of licentiousness. And unlike the research that shows that cussing helps ameliorate acute physical pain, giving in to chronic emotional storms only strengthens the problem. Sometimes, what you feeeeeeel? It’s wrong. And you need to accept that it is a problem, and try to teach yourself not to respond improperly to emotional stimuli. Self. Control. Get some.*

*Not to be confused with your-brain-chemistry-is-whacked-out issues, which are easily identified by positive response to medication. There’s Batshit Insane, and then there’s You Need To Be Institutionalized To Function, and they might overlap a bit sometimes but they aren’t the exact same set. Plain old crazy isn’t necessarily evil, if the crazy one is not acting out of malice. Batshit Insane? Definitely is.


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One Response to Don’t Date Batshit Insane

  1. DEN1 says:

    Great post. I wonder how many guys have blown past the first signs of Bat-Shit Crazy (BSC) in a woman and later realized that those behaviors she exhibited were not in fact her being a “free spirit” but full-blown BSC?

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