Armed and Dangerous

The proliferation of terrorists who use tactics like those of the Westgate Mall attackers ought to make everyone consider the advantages of having an armed society. One man with a handgun ended up saving a lot of people; what if every adult at the mall had been carrying? Okay, that’s a little unrealistic. What if one out of every two adults had been carrying? One out of three? Even armed with nothing but handguns, that many armed resisters could have thrown a huge wrench in the terrorists’ plans. Consider this: even if the people who were armed ended up gunned down by the terrorist’s superior firepower, every second the terrorists are forced to deal with people shooting back, is another second for the children and unarmed people to run away. Turn a corner. Get out of the building.

And forced to the choice, I think a lot of people would rather die in a firefight than be tortured to death as the helpless prisoners of murdering jihadi scum like these.


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