If only I were as great a sandwich chef as this woman! If only great cooking didn’t require so many fiddly ingredient details! LOL

Hmm. I seem to recall I owe my own man a meat pie.

Biggest regret of my childhood: never learning proper housekeeping. (May be due to never developing the discipline to actually DO all those tedious mindnumbing cleaning tasks. Yes, I can fix this myself, but it’s so much less fun than wasting time on the internet!) Dude, this isn’t the 1800s anymore. We don’t have housekeepers, and machines can only help people who already know what they’re doing. Put Home Ec back on the damned course list already!

Things One Should Know How To Do Before Graduating High School: sew a button, hem a pair of jeans; cook at least 30 different dishes; choose appropriate cleaners for glass, steel, laminate, linoleum, tile, fiberglass, carpet, and polyurethane-finished floors; proper dusting technique; how to vacuum stairs (don’t get an upright, I think); polish shoes; wash and iron clothes; paint drywall and wood; use power drills and saws. Seriously, there were girls at my college freshman year who didn’t know how to do their own laundry. I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was about ten years old. I think I’ve been mowing the lawn since about that age too – it was briefly Husband’s Job after moving into a house with a yard until I realized that Husband tolerates longer grass/weeds than I do, and pushing our little reel mower around is a good way to enjoy the outdoors.


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