An Ignorant Woman

Put this down under “War on Men” – another instance of a woman demanding that her delicate-flower sensibilities be catered to by everyone else. Note, in particular, the way she goes about the public smear campaign in order to enforce her will.

Proving, of course, that this incredibly silly woman knows absolutely nothing about men. Now, I grew up in a family in which the two oldest children were female and my first brother was born when I was eight, so I can understand her ignorance. She has obviously never learned to recognize Male Communication. Given today’s utterly feminized educational institutions, she’s probably even been taught that Male Communication is some sort of pathology, as it is utterly alien to women’s methods of communication.

Shouting, cussing, and the most outrageous insults – this last occurring even in courteous, traditional families in which cussing is verboten – is, in fact, quite ordinary, does not engender hard feelings (in the men) and is part of the Male Group Bonding Rituals as much as going to the ladies’ room in a group is part of a woman’s group bonding ritual. To a woman ignorant of these cultural cues, however, the first exposure to them is quite a shock.

Even to me – and I enjoy watching Shonen anime, in which the “they fight and become best friends” trope is used on virtually every occasion in which two male characters of any importance whatsoever meet. (I should have realized this was Truth in Television, but in my defense, I was attending an all-female college at the time and was not exposed to male jocularity until after my marriage. My in-law’s family is, I am proud to say, abnormally functional, and thus I was abruptly forced to see what appeared to me at first to be “fighting words” used to strengthen male bonds of friendship.)

Someone should sit this girl down and tell her about the facts of life and the realities of male behavior. Unfortunately for many women, they have not been trained to see the underlying reality of abrasive male communication, and this leads to much hardship on the part of women who enter into the few professions that are still male-majority and have a masculine, rather than a feminine, culture. Taken by surprise, and untutored in male-to-female translation, they will either swiftly change careers, or, like Ms. Sharp, attempt to impose their own rules on everyone else.

Kudos for the man she attacked, Linus Torvalds, calling her out on her disgraceful and utterly gauche behavior.

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