The Uniform Makes the Man

Or the woman, whatever. A case of scientists proving what every woman already knows: Enclothed Cognition (well-done animated video)

This is why DRESS CODES ARE IMPORTANT. Not only for social signaling, but also to influence one’s own behavior. What woman has never been feeling a bit blue and decided to wear a snazzy outfit to jazz up her own attitude? Who doubts the power of the right pair of shoes? They’re practically magical talismans!

No wonder private and charter schools often require children to wear uniforms that include ties and collared shirts.

Now what they oughta do is run a study on athlete lucky underpants/socks. I suspect the same mechanism is at work – wear the lucky socks, play better. Ritual is important to humans. Rather than denigrating this fact, we ought to use it for our own benefit! Which makes me wonder: if I put together a Maid Outfit (not like that, you pervs! LOL) will that make me better at doing housework?? If I buy a chef hat will that make me better at cooking? Think of the possibilities!


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