Facts and Political Correctness

Imagine a weatherman going on the nightly news and telling viewers “Hurricane X will, if it makes landfall, cause millions of dollars in property damage and cause the deaths of thousands of people if they do not evacuate.” Now imagine that it was Cyclone X and made landfall in a third world country, and thousands of people died as a result. On the nightly news the news anchor reports that “Cyclone X has led to the deaths of thousands of poor people, who weren’t prepared and didn’t evacuate the coastline.”

Nobody sane would accuse the weatherman or the news anchor of thinking anything like “Those people deserved to have their houses wrecked/die in the flooding” or any nonsense like that. Saying that something bad has happened or is happening, a mere statement of fact, does not in fact include any information about the subjective opinion of the one reporting the fact.

Political Correctness exists to impute motive – a subjective opinion – to anyone who repeats facts which the PCnik deems counter to their political and cultural goals. Therefore anyone who notices that black people statistically commit more violent crime than white people is RACIST! and is automatically in possession of the worst motives imaginable and therefore must be shunned from all polite society and especially prevented from claiming any position of social or political influence.

Sure. Now, how is it going to be possible to rectify a problem if just speaking the name of the problem makes you a pariah? The PCniks will allow one to allude to the problem of disproportionate criminality in a roundabout way only as long as one blames “poverty” and “maleducation” since these two government programs (war on poverty and education) are part of their political machine and contribute to their power. However, it’s been several decades, and by many measures the problems of inner-city blacks have been getting worse, not better, despite all the social workers, welfare, and public schooling; that’s another inconvenient fact that cannot be pointed out publicly due to the PCniks.

It’s as if they’ve gotten their hooks into the weatherman, and instructed him not to mention anything about Hurricane X on the television, because if he does, they’re going to say the only reason he talked about Hurricane X is because he wants thousands of people to die in the storm surge, and they’ll get him fired and blacklisted. And so what happens? He doesn’t say anything (because he needs to keep his job to eat and have a roof over his head), the hurricane makes landfall, nobody was warned, and thousands of people die as a result. But no one can talk about that, either, so that when the next hurricane makes landfall, it happens again. And again. And again.

This is how Political Correctness operates. The “morally bad” facts are ignored, and so are the bad results of ignoring the “morally bad” facts. No matter how many lives are destroyed in the process.


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