Collateral damage

An interesting confluence of ideas, John C. Wright – whose Orphans of Chaos series is quite entertaining, and whose wife also wrights* good yarns – also takes on Political Correctness in his blog.

*That was a total accident I swear, but too good upon proofreading to correct.

Now, I have very little to say about this “twerking” business, as what passes for modern “dancing” would make the most primitive naked tribesman in the remotest jungle laugh in derision and hold up his tribe’s sacred dances to their demon-gods as an example of sophistication by comparison.

No, what I would like to say in this post refers instead to the feminist’s response to Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” – they don’t like it, calling it a “date rape” anthem.

Now here is the truth: unless you have been unwittingly drugged or forcibly detained – and such things are known to happen – you have not been “date raped,” no, not even if the photos ended up online and now you’re screwed, a la Katie Perry.

The song “Blurred Lines” is not a date-rape anthem. It’s a song about a cock tease. It’s not the man who is blurring the lines. And when both parties have imbibed alcohol and the natural result of a woman teasing drunken cock with primate mating rituals occurs, she screams “date rape!” – even though she was quite literally asking for it all night on the dance floor.

Women are told by feminists that they have the right to excite a man’s lusts as much as they want – they may grind their buttocks into his groin, allow him to caress their breasts and finger their bodies – but that they also possess a purely magical power of saying “no” whenever they wish and if the male in question does not obey their slightest whim it is because he deliberately disregarded her wishes in an act of intentional malice.

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the physiological mechanisms of sexuality knows that this is a lie. Arousal cannot be switched off like a lightbulb. In fact it is a damned lie, with which those devoted to immorality trap young girls into creating situations in which they drunkenly cocktease also-drunk young men, and someone also present then posts the resulting sex video online to show what a great party last Friday night was. And unlike Katie Perry, these young girls do care, very much, when their sluttish behavior goes public to the entire world (but most particularly their high school peers).

Often feminists will say that a drunk woman cannot give consent. Now, a reasonable person would think “if a woman has drunk herself into unconsciousness of course she is not capable of consent.” This is not what the feminists mean. They mean that if a woman’s inhibitions are lowered, as happened to the “Slane Girl,” and she willingly performs some sex act that she regrets performing later on, she is not responsible for her actions and has suffered “rape.”

And yet the opposite problem is never mentioned by the usual suspects. How drunk was Slane Girl’s “lucky” boyfriend? Can he claim that she raped HIM because he was too drunk to legally consent to her actions? Notice that the people who claim to be for “equality” never tell women not to sexually involve themselves with a drunk man in case his passions run away with him while his reason is hogtied with alcohol,  thus leaving the woman open to accusations of “date rape” against him. Even after she has callously used him for her own sexual pleasure a la Pink in “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).”

No, “date rape” is merely a feminist Politically-Correct code for “a cocktease who got what she asked for and didn’t like it, because she was lying when she asked for it.” Meanwhile pop music continues to tell young girls how much fun it is to “do it all again.”

How many young women’s lives have been ruined because of this political correctness telling them that they can cocktease a drunken man with impunity? That if anything happens it’s not her fault, and it’s all his, no matter how drunk he was at the time? How many suicides, because of this lie?

Girls, if you don’t want to be “date raped” by a drunk man, don’t cocktease him, don’t give out mixed messages, and don’t blur any lines.


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